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Customer Comments

Below is just a sample of comments for my 1st product, FunkyChops. One day I'll get around to posting the positive comments for all my products. Until then, hopefully the sample below will convince you that beginner-pro guitar & bass players really do dig my products.

Comments from Australia:

"Hi Jimmy, I've received the cd and it's what I hoped it would be, this is a real break through for me as I've tried learning slapping myself and with a teacher and didn't do very well, I'm already slapping the basics... let me know when you release another one (any style). Thank's a lot! Danny"

REDzine, a Magazine from South Africa:

"... Anyways - funky chops is brilliant! Am currently writing a glowing review... reckon my playing gonna take off soonish - expect the review mid next week. Cheers and thanks again.. Devin."

Comments from England:

"Hi Jim, Yeah you can use my comments for sure, would be a priviledge... i love that welcoming riff... i think this is really innovative and great for a person like me that really wants to play great riffs but doesn't want years of training to get that far (which obviously you have received.....if not then WOW) If at all possible would you keep hold of my e-mail address just in case of the event of you doing a second volume to the slap bass cd's because you definitely have a repeat customer here, and i will be recommending this CD or your other one (when it comes out) to anyone that is interested in playing guitar. Hats off to you and your incredible work! All the best, Michael"

Comments from the USA:

"Jim- this cd is way cool. i have been playing for a little over a year and i currently take lessons from a guy who is the king of funk. you have broken things down so simple that anybody can learn. very simplistic! i just bought a modulus flea bass. i have 4 jazz basses as well. my rig consists of 2 swr goliath 3 4x10 and a swr 750x head. funk is my reason in learning the bass. this cd is addicting. thanks funky chops! keep up the good work!! joe from pittsburgh-"

Comments from a pro bassist:

"I've been playing 15 years (bass) and in the first five minutes of watching your video I felt like "Wow! Now I get it!" Lessons cost about $30 and hour, and based on studies of how the memory works you only retain the first and last thing you covered! Sux for the consumer. For $30 you offer such quality education that I wouldn't have minded paying $200 for that Bass video. Your way of breaking things down and really simplifying things is astounding. This probably sounds crazy but I'm only on the 5th riff/link and I'm amazed at how much I've learned. I'm looking forward to the remaining 95!!!"

Comments from a bass player:

"Jim, I received the Funky Chops CD today and have been thumping for the last six hours. It's just what I've been looking for: no tablature, no hard-to-follow
descriptions...just player-friendly, quality instruction. Thanks for a great product! Take care. Matt S."

Various Comments from World Wide:

"Product is TOO COOL!!! This is A MUST for EVERY Bass Player!"

"Excellent product! Way to go Jim! This cd has improved my bass playing!"

"Great CD...good communication and fast shipment! Thanks again!"

"A learning tool you Ota have!!Great comm. highly recommend!!"

"Super Fast Shipping! A GREAT CD with Very Useful Material!"


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